Robugtix: The Animated, Robotic Spider!

OK, how cool is this?! Its a robotic spider, available today for mail order from Hong Kong, (foronly $3,000!). It contains 26 tiny and very delicate servo motors...3 per leg and two for the body. They are so tiny and delicate that you can strip the gears if you put the darned thing down indelicately, as demonstrator (in the video below) Adam Savage recounts when ex.plaining why he built the nifty box to haul it around and work on it! 

If you're a young person, looking for the reason that you (a) should learn how to work with your hands and use tools well and/or (b) learn to program, look no further. Apparently, the guys who built this (who named their company Robugtix) did so not because they wanted to make a robotic spider but to help them better flesh out their motherboard/ they obviously plan on doing a lot more cool stuff. Geesh, just figuring out the math the mimics the natural movements of an animal articulating 28 joints is pretty impressive...I'm exciting thinking about what else they might do!