Zack, turning 16

  Zack Hammer

Zack Hammer

The boy turns 16 today. Yeah, my oldest keeps getting older...and bigger...and stronger and faster (says the nascent fencer who is now in awe of his eldest who can clearly defeat him readily in mortal combat). 

This self-portrait is something he posted on Facebook, showing off his new haircut, so I don't think I'm invading his privacy by posting here. Having "suffered" with the same wild haired affliction that so plagues him ("the afro"), I can relate to the importance of having a flattering haircut and don't want to tease him too much about it, though I am amused to watch the process of maturation kick in as evidenced by his attention to his appearance as it becomes more important to him.

Cherie and I can scarce believe that our first born came into this world 15 years ago.  I know, this is how so many other parents feel and have felt at the same point and it drives home the reality that we'll lose him in a couple of short years to his first steps into adult independence. He's tracking well to that matriculation.

Happy Birthday, bring us great joy and happiness. And we are very proud of you.