Jim's Funeral

I've returned from Jim Dybalski's memorial, a nice and fitting remembrance of a good man. Of course, Jim's whole family were there - Sandy and the kids paid a fitting tribute to Jim. Sandy arranged to have a bagpiper there, which Jim would love. It made me smile to hear Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" played on a sheep's bladder, as I know its something Jim would have loved. The service was appropriately solemn and dignified, though I'm sure (to the extent his spirit inhabited the chapel) Jim would have enjoyed more the colorful stories and remembrances told than he did the Catholic priest's traditional utterances (though, I suspect he liked the priest a good deal). Thank you Jessica (Jim's daughter) for letting me know the family will have a burping contest later this evening - an appropriate activity for Jim's offspring and fitting acknowledgement of what Jim has passed along: how to be a good human AND have fun with it.

Twas good to see old friends - faces of Apple colleagues from a time past. It was good to see the Flying Dybalskis (our group's basketball team) all brought their jerseys for a reunion picture. Hair was greyer (or missing), folks had gained or lost weight, but they were the same people...just grown up ... or more mature. :-) Those who couldn't attend because they were traveling or have moved out of the area were sorely missed. Our time together, as Jim liked to describe it, was much like Camelot and its heartwarming to know everyone still seems to feel that and that our time together provided a foundation for the rest of our careers.