We're b-a-a-a-a-a-ck!


Well, after five years since my last blog entry, I thought it time to breathe life back into the ol' girl. I'd been using Six Apart's redoubtable tool, Moveable Type, for the last iteration. This time, I though I'd endeavor using a more up to date too, so I'm attempting to use SquareSpace. Having been part of the pioneering effort for one of the first HTML authoring tools (NetObjects Fusion) and, prior to that, managing development of one of the seminal information tools, Apple's HyperCard, I continue to be interested n the latest tools (once a toolmaker, its hard to get it out of the system). SquareSpace offers the promise of simplifying the process of site design and maintenance, with an eye toward adopting emerging standards and extensiblity for developer types, while having a product design focus that really aims squarely at a group of users that includes photographers like myself. So, I thought I'd give it a whirl.  If this stuff disappears or atrophies quickly, it'll be more likely be as a result of my choosing the wrong tools and getting frustrated with the result than anything else. Stay tuned.

I chose a simper route because using Moveable Type just became more work than it was worth - not because Moveable Type isn't a good tool (though managing updates was a challenge) but because the overhead required found me tinkering more with MT than actually providing content. I could move to Six Apart's hosted version of Moveable Type, TypePad (which is a boffo offering), but thought it was (a) worth venturing out of my comfort zone to learn a new tool and (b) adopt a tool and workflow more appropriate to the kind of content I wish to provide.

"Why not just use Facebook or another social media tool?" you might ask.  Its a logical question, since I do use Facebook and Twitter (my kids really like Instagram) to share info and pics with family and friends the world round...but I just don't like the bent that Facebook has taken with regards to their customers' content and really don't like making money for them by offering up my content...plus all the hassle of who owns or has rights to the intellectual property. I think I'm on safer ground self-publishing...particularly since I can point to updates from social media. The efficacy of choices should be plain for you to assess on your own fairly quickly.

Please feel free to comment and offer feedback, utilitizing (please) good judgement with regards to respecting others and good taste.